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Surge Protector for Cable Box Descrambler

Surge Protector for Cable Box Descrambler

Surge protector/surgender (F Male to F Female) is ideal for protecting:
  • CATV converters and decoders.
  • FM receivers.
  • Television sets.
  • Home entertainment Centers.
  • Video cassette Recorders.
  • Video cameras and Monitors
  • Satellite receivers.
  • Local Computer area networks
  • Projection TV’s.
  • Protects against bullets & spikes.
    Surgender provides the most economical and easy to install surge voltage protection available.
    This unique new product will protect all types of coaxial cable connected equipment from damage caused by lightning induced or man made voltage surges of the coaxial cable.
    Surgender performs a different function than U.L. grounding requirements. The surgnder protects equipment from high voltage surges requirement for coaxial cables protect people from hazardous voltages tht may come in contact with the shield of the coax cable.
    Because of the physical length of ground wires, U.L. grounding systems may appears as an open circuit to lightning caused high frequency surges, and provide no protection from these surges getting into a home and destroying CATV converters, television sets, video cassette recorders, etc.

    Surge protection attacks time: 0.0000001 seconds (100 nanosec.)
    Maximum surge current: 5000 amps. (8 microsec. X 20 microsec. Test pulse)
    Maximum surge voltage: Multiple 5000 times ohms of coax. loop.
    Surge Life: 200 surges of 500 amps (10 microsec x 1000 microsec. Test pulse)
    Normal resistance across coax: 10,000 megohms
    Surge Rsistance: approx. 0 ohms.
    Power passing capability: 50 volts DC or AC peak to peak, 36 volts RMS, 10 amps.
    Insertion loss: Less than 0.2 db video – 1500 MHz.
    Return loss (75 ohms): 16 db (VSWR 1.38) Video – 500 MHz. 14 db (VSWR 1.50) 500 – 1500 MHz.
    Connectors: One “F” male to one “F” female.
    Dimensions: 1.385” x 0.815 DIA.

    We also carry this type of surge protector in BNC, UHF & TNC connector. Please e-mail for details.

    Surge Protector for Cable Box Descrambler Model: FC-1$8.95