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GE Battery Charger, UL, Deluxe

GE Battery Charger, UL, Deluxe
Save hundreds of dollars in disposable batteries with this GE battery charger.
Recharges all nickel-cadmium batteries up to 8 at a time.
Charges one, two, three or four pairs of AA, AAA, C, and D size rechargeable batteries or one or tow 9V size rechargeable batteries.
Charges AA, AAA and 9V size batteries in only 8 hours...other sizes 14-16 hours.
Two AA GE rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery included.

  • Charging indicators: Light up when batteries are properly loaded and charging
  • Slider: Pull back and batteries drop into proper position
  • Ejector: Pull up and batteries pop up for easy removal
  • Designed with optional wall mounting feature
  • Keeps rechargeable batteries charging for about 0.45 cents of electricity per month. (based on 0.08 cents per KWH
  • Plugs into any 120 V household outlet

    GE Battery Charger, UL, Deluxe Model: BC8B --$13.95