<b>Digital Video Stabilizer For DVD and VCR with Video Clarifier and Corrector.</b>

Digital Video Stabilizer For DVD and VCR with Video Clarifier and Corrector.

This is the product you all have been waiting for. "Generation II" for 2006 DVD digital video stabilizer. It will guarantee to get rip off all copy guard. All Yahoo Shopping sellers only sell the "generation I" which will not fully work for all DVD copy. Manufactures put a new signal guard in the DVD which you can't by pass with the unit. Especially all DVD/VCR model which made after year 2000. It is even hard to copy DVD for brand new such as Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and etc.

But with the unit our company is selling, you will enjoy so much that you will not have to buy DVD again.

This unit sells at least $99.00 for online stores and $195.00 at retail. Now you can have it for such a lower price.

* To improve the best viewing and copy of DVD and VCR cause by video signal distrotion

* Refurbish and improve video signal to high quality pictures

* To improve video output signal

* Convert color pictures to black/white pictures

* RCA male to RCA male cable included

* AC adpater included


* Power indicator

* RCA input and output, God plated RCA connectors.

* S Video input and output

* Color/black & white switch

* Power input With AC adpater included

Digital Video Stabilizer for DVD & VCR w/Clarifier and Corrector 360-10$49.95