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<b>Digital Video Stabilizer, RXII with 6 feet Gold Plated RCA Cable</b>

Digital Video Stabilizer, RXII with 6 feet Gold Plated RCA Cable

While Playing back movies, you will notice annoying periodic color darkening, color shift, unwanted lines, flashing or jagged edges. this is caused by the copy protection jamming singnals embedded in the video tape, such as copy protection. Digital Video Stabilizer: The RXII completely eliminates all copy protections and jamming signals and brings you crystal clear pictures.

  • Easy to use and a snap to install
  • State-of-the-art integrated circuit technology
  • 100% automatic - no need for any troublesome adjustments
  • Compatible to all types of VCRs and TVs
  • The best and most exciting Video Stabilizer in the market
  • Uses a standard 9 volt battery.
  • Includes a free 6 foot Gold Plated RCA video cable.

    Warning: The manufacturer does not encourage people to use the Digital Video Stabilzer to duplicate rental movies or copyrighted video tapes. RXII is intended to stabilize and restore crystal clear picture quality for private home use only,

    Digital Video Stabilizer, (RXII) with 6 feet Gold Plated RCA Cable RXII$49.50