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<b>6 Outlet Power Strips, UL Listed</b>

6 Outlet Power Strips, UL Listed

Provides convenience, organization and safety.
Safely converts one outlet into six. Instantly rewires and organizes your work area.
This Power strip is recommended for stereos, VCR's, TV's small appliances and many other electrical and electronic items.
Suggested for use with: Kitchen appliances, major appliance, workship, hobby, small electronics and lighting.

  • 15 amps circuit breaker/rocket switch combo with reset feature to safely shut-off overload or short circuit occurrence.
  • Heavy duty line cord with molded plug.
  • rugged high-impact plastic housing.
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Electrical: 125V AC
  • 15 amps (1,875 watts)
  • Outputs: 6
  • Tempeature range: - 40 C to + 80 C.

    6 Oultet Power Strips, UL Listed Model: 16003MP --$2.50